Character illustration

My discord tag is beep#5188
my server


please read through entire page before submitting a form!

what i will draw:

-nudity, nsfw, lewds, soft fetishes (futa), sex etc
-women/feminine characters
-soft gore
-toned/muscular women
-characters that are OCs or from games, shows, brands etc
-scales & furry hybrids (e.g. bunny/cat ears tails)
-androgynous characters

what i won't draw:

-extreme fetishes
-minors/underage characters/lolis (unless sfw)
-furries (hybrids are fine tho!)
-male characters

.₊̣̇.ಇ/ᐠˬ ͜ ˬ ᐟ\∫.₊̣̇.

how my commissions work:

(after you've read through this page and my T&C)1. Fill out the application form at the top of this page2. I add you to my queue
check queue here
you are not guaranteed a space by submitting a form; I pick submissions based on what I think I can draw best.
3. Once I reach your commission, I begin the sketch
I will send WIPs/sketches for approval from you.
4. payment through paypal
I take payment after the finalised sketch is agreed upon.
& last but not least, the final piece is sent to you via google drive link or imgur <3

[status: AVAILABLE
-If you would like for your commission to be prioritised, then a fee of £20 ensures I begin your commission that day or the next
-this rush job slot is NOT available on days I have exams or am travelling (speak to me on Twt or discord if you are interested in this slot)


currently not accepting

FULL PAGE£310 (4 poses)
£270 (3 poses)

what you get: a fully coloured page of one character
- up to 2 full body poses and 2 bust ups or hip-down poses
can be a different combination (price will vary)
MAX 4 poses on a page

currently not accepting
£68 -no bg
£82 -with bg

what you get: a fully rendered bust-up of one character
with background is +£20 (total 80)

what you get: a MODERATELY coloured sketch page of one character
- up to 4 simple sketches with some basic colouring
- can be concept art

x1 FULL BODY£145

what you get: a fully rendered piece of 1 character
- can have a simple or colour only background
(complex character designs may increase price)


what you get: A single fully rendered character with a fully rendered background


what you get: a duo piece (2 different characters together) fully rendered. no bgs currently

x2 £220

what you get: a double piece of the same character (2 different poses)
I will accept only 2 poses at the moment to ensure I can get round to everyone else's commissions.


I use Paypal or CashApp only for transactionsIt is not first come first serve; I have the right to pick which commission I feel I can draw best at the time, and decline commissions I feel I cannot complete to my satisfaction/do not feel comfortable creating.I reserve myself the right to share the commission online on places such as (but not limited to): Twitter, Patreon, Pixiv etc. If you would not like me to post I am open to discussion.No commercial use allowed unless we have discussed and organised so. However, feel free to post the commission anywhere as long as there is a clear link back to my social media and my watermark is visible.No refunds unless only the sketch has been produced. If I have not begun the painting process then a 90% refund will be given to you if asked for it. No 100% refunds are available.
I will not refund completed pieces.

[!] please remember it is NOT first come first served

QUEUE - your commission is in the waiting list

SKETCHING - your commission is being sketched, you will receive a preview soon (feel free to suggest tweaks/edits now)

SKETCHED - awaiting payment - your commission's sketch is finalised, after you pay i will continue with the commission

COLOURING - your commission is being coloured, you should be receiving progress updates of the process - (tweaks can still be done if not too demanding)

FINAL TOUCH UPS - your commission is 80-90% done, details and touch ups being added